Naturopathic Consultation

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First time visits are an hour and 30 minutes in duration. In this first visit you should expect a complete review of your medical history, medications & supplements, diet, and any complaints you may have. In each visit we spend time to educate patients about their ailments, provide nutritional and lifestyle counseling, order necessary laboratory testing, and develop treatment plans. Return appointments range from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the necessity.

Preventative Screening

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Preventative screenings can be lifesaving if pathologies are detected early. Annual exams include medical history, complete physical exam, laboratory screening, and referral for specialty screenings (mammograms, colonoscopy, etc).

Pain Management

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Physical medicine applications are used to relieve pain, stimulate the immune system, and restore normal motion.
First time physical medicine appointments are 45 minutes in duration and include an assessment on the cause of your ailment.
When seen for physical medicine, you can expect a combination of any of the applications listed below.
You may also request massage appointments in 15 minute increments for up to an hour as well as appointments for just osseous manipulation.